Especially if like me you are a coach, or you are a consultant or service provider..

There are 6 steps to take before paying for any advertising.

All vital before you spend a penny.

What must be understood is that before you can receive, you have to give, and it has to be engaging content offering real value, read that as offering real solutions to people’s problems.

Give freely of your knowledge and experience to help others

Give so much that people see you as a natural authority figure.

There are no shortcuts to this it takes time and effort.

You have to put in the work and make your mark.

To help you get THERE here are 6 steps…

 STEP #1: Define your uniqueness:

You are you. You are unique. You bring things to the table that no-one else can. You have assets/experiences that no-one else has. The words you use, the tone they are carried on, your life’s experiences all create a resonance within you that is your personal frequency and it is that energy that people tap into before they even meet you, speak with you or read your articles.

So your assets are material, intellectual and energetic. When you stitch all this together in a mindful way you have something that you can use to protect your audience from your competition and to go a step further if you include connection to your Spirit you step out of competition and enter into the world of collaboration – a win-win scenario for everyone.

STEP #2: Nail your avatar (your ideal client):

Speak to their pain, the challenges they face. The impact these challenges have on their business, family and personal lives and how these challenges hold them back from the better life they want to lead and create for their families.

WHY? Because your business should be market led (what your client needs/wants) not marketing led (what you think your client needs/wants).

That means you match your message to your market and it’s all about the story going on inside your avatar’s head.

The last thing you should talk about is your product. No one cares about how much time and energy you put into creating it.  No one cares how great it is until they realise that who and what you are is relevant to the challenges they face and the solutions they need.

STEP #3: Create an irresistible offer:

You should start by creating your irresistible offer in a way that is designed to push all your avatar’s hot buttons, but it’s best not to complete your offer until you have already sold your programme/product/service. During your market research you will tweak, refine and adapt your product a lot and you can add to your offer once it has been sold. It’s good to note that your product and the price are secondary to serving your client.

STEP #4: Create a Succinct Effective Funnel:

Now we need a marketing system that we can implement quickly that will guide your prospects through the fewest number of pages laid out in a logical sequence which delivers them to the place where they are asked to make a decision, which is to book a call, buy a product/program/service or whatever it is you are leading your prospects to.

Want to know what a funnel is? Go here

Want a funnel already created for you and you just drop your offer into that funnel? Then I encourage you to check out Profit Platform it’s a remarkable system specially designed for people like you and me – I am partnered with the creators.

By now you will be able to see that there is NO point in investing in paid advertising until you are sure you have what the industry calls a ‘message to market’ match.

All the work you have done defining your avatar is one thing. Finding where that person hangs out and how responsive he/she is to your message is another which is why…

Step #5 is so important.

STEP #5: Launch Organic Marketing Campaign on ONE platform:

Launching your organic marketing campaign is all about reaching out to where you THINK your avatar is hanging out and giving value.

  1. Give freely of your knowledge and experience to help others.

2. Give so much that people see you as a natural authority figure.

3. Do so without any thought of receiving.

The 3 beliefs listed below are super important – Your prospects will never buy from you until they:

1. Believe in you.

2. Believe in your system and/or method.

3. Believe that they too can achieve the result/s that you promise.

But there’s one more:

4. They have to believe that THEY made the decision to buy because only that way will they be in a position to fully commit. No buyer’s remorse. No thoughts of a refund.

So your organic marketing campaign is about putting good insightful articles out in the right places like a trail of breadcrumbs that your prospects can trace back to you.

Your organic marketing campaign is about nurturing your market. Refining and tweaking your message, whilst talking to as many examples of your avatar as possible. Let it be natural, and design it to reflect you as a Lighthouse beaming out clarity to a confused marketplace, looking for direction and certainty.

Your organic marketing campaign never stops.

It will always be with you. If you watch people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Gabby Bernstein, Richard Branson, Tim Ferris and many other top names, they are pumping out content every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

STEP #6: Validate Your Offer, Your Price and Irresistible Offer:

Your organic marketing campaign builds your brand. It positions you as an authority in your niche AND it delivers insights into your avatar that you didn’t have before. It allows you to refine your messaging. It allows you to fine tune your irresistible offer before you have even finished creating it.

It allows you to optimise your funnel so that when you finally launch your paid Ads campaign you are talking to the right people in the right place at the right time. That positioning ensures your offer is compelling and successful.

So many people run Ads only to find they are not getting the response they hoped for and this is because they either…

Have not created the 4 beliefs mentioned above or haven’t nailed their avatar.

Which leads to their headline or copy not resonating.

Or if it does, their offer is… well, let’s just say it’s less than compelling.

So they don’t make sales.

The follow up to all that is listed above, will be to go deeper into your funnel and offer more and more offers to your email list.

Its all about elaborating on your funnel, building your brand and investing some of the client revenue already received back into paid Ads which is why it is so important to have reliable cash-flow upfront to pay for all of your life-style and business expenses.

Learn more about the reliable and predictable cash-flow formula – I Am partnered with the creators of this unique and amazing marketing system, both of whom understand the needs of the marketer and the market place, people like you and me who have a gift to bring to the world but struggle with all the marketing.

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