I have multi dimensional DNA and I hold a variety of access portals in my physical body which enables me to transmute Light forms of frequency through my body into the form (body) of another to provide a healing light.

I resonate most with the Andromedan energies and have had many Lifetimes on the 4th Star in a series of 12 Stars in the Andromedan Star Galaxy. This 4th Star is my Spiritual home.

I resonate as this Star – it’s a part of me, my crystalline core is connected to it and it holds my core in integrity with the reality of Andromeda and as a result of that I find myself evolving into a 9th dimensional energy / frequency / consciousness even whilst I remain in this physical body as Hazel.

I unite as one with Lemurians, Pleiadians and Andromedans. We came together to take on the Human DNA so that at the right time we could be activated by Divine Forces, Divine Light, to help take Humanity forward.

That time is now.

This means that I took on the challenge of remaining within the 3D cycle of reincarnation upon the Earth, from then (well over 100,000 years ago in our earthly terms) until the Earth and humanity were ready to evolve into a higher frequency, that Tara had been. (Tara is the higher frequency name of planet Earth).

That time is NOW.

The Human genome within the DNA is being activated into a higher frequency for everyone.

We have stepped into this expanded purpose now and the next 12-13 years (from 2019 going forward) are crucial for the expansion of the consciousness of all of us, for us to remember who we truly are and act accordingly.

I communicate with my Andromedian Self via Light Codes, they come in from my Light Body through my crown and I telepathically communicate back, also with Light Codes.

Light Codes are beautifully designed patterns and geometric signs in beautiful shapes and colours.

These extremely condensed forms of communication are very expansive in- the-moment, that would normally take volumes and volumes of records and books and historical events, in human language terms, and are transmitted back and forth in one single Light Code.

My Light Body travels throughout the spheres to higher realms, outside of time and space, to meet a collective consciousness and I then bring the Light Codes back.

I perceive them with my inner sight, sometimes during sleep, meditation and when being still.

Trouble is this emerges in fragmented ways to begin with and so I am only able to hold onto pieces of it at time, but I persevere and keep going forward with it all.

Right now we have an issue within the collective regarding money, our financial system, and so I find myself being involved with all things financial.

It’s causing a problem in the ascension timeline.

That is why I now find myself immersed in all things related to money because there is a problem in the ascension timeline, something holding it back.

I have signed up to help heal the financial system of this world and I step into that role now so that future generations are free from the tyranny of financial slavery.

It is that which is holding part of the ascension process back.

Much love everyone,

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