A Turn-Key Leads & Sales Conversion System that gives you 100% commissions!

Automated for List Building, Consistent Sales, and Cash-Flow (download our Predictable Cash-Flow Formula HERE).

A Business model that allows you to tap into higher leverage, and just so you know this product, Third Rocket, is included when you purchase the MEGALODON FUNNEL SYSTEM.

This is for you if want to step away from a job, a career or a business that is sucking up your time and energy and is limiting your financial growth. We are talking about residual income so that you can do more of what you want, to have more time freedom.

An automated system for leveraging NOW MONEY – immediate cash-flow with 100% commissions.

Do you love the-done-for-you approach that has immediate cash-flow embedded into the funnel, you do? Then read on…

For so many of us on our entrepreneurial journey, money is the massive elephant in the room. A lot of people NEED MONEY NOW and that’s what drives marketing and exactly what this product, called THIRD ROCKET, is ready to bring you, through affiliate marketing with a front end product that will bring you immediate cash-flow. (Download the Predictable Cash-Flow Formula HERE, now)

Most of us build our businesses around our passions and helping others, and then when it comes to selling and marketing ourselves, we just get … stuck. There is a huge struggle in finding the balance between being of service to others and getting handsomely rewarded for our expertise.

Unless you are already hugely successful and financially independent then the chances are you are going to need immediate CASH FLOW NOW, and if people aren’t getting MONEY NOW they start looking at programmes and products that are nothing more than ‘shiny objects’, that are simply not sustainable long term and they don’t solve the problem, they don’t drive your marketing and put you in a position to win long term.

You are not taught or shown how to generate immediate cash-flow and if that product or programme folds then you do with it. We teach you to fish for yourself.

Let’s get you out of survival mode so that you can think clearly.

The zero-cost-ad strategy is the secret sauce here. Which is what we are providing for you with THIRD ROCKET.  We are offering something at a very low cost and the Lead Magnet will offset your ad costs – make sense?

We will give you a Lead Magnet at the front end of your funnel, that means your ad is speaking to solving a problem – are you a struggling network marketer and your chasing friends and family and you’re tired of it, are you chasing people on the phone trying to follow up, are you doing home parties and it’s just not working leaving you depleted, exhausted and about to give up?

So you have to be willing to learn, and we teach you, how to generate leads and get people seeking you out. How to attract people to you rather than you chasing them.

The Lead Magnet ad is something that will solve a problem, a pain-point if you will, for you.

THIRD ROCKET is an information product that is very high quality, on the front-end of the funnel, the Lead Magnet. We are not selling or pitching you/your customers or prospects about anything else.  We meet you where you are at.

With the THIRD ROCKET product you get:

A super system that sorts and sells for you, predictably attracting clients and customers. A simple solution for automating your list building and sales strategy for optimised conversions.

What THIRD ROCKET solves for you and your business:

  1. Audience (Traffic & Leads): Attract and build a growing list of people wanting to buy what you are offering.
  2. Sales on AutoPilot: Sell to your list with higher conversions, time and time again using our automated system.
  3. Cash-Flow Machine: Generate Cash-Flow and create residual income streams through automation, selling either your products / services or other people’s products / services or programmes.

THIRD ROCKET is a Turn-Key Lead Generation and Sales Conversion Machine, complete with pre-made LCP page with affiliate link to generate leads, FaceBook Ad Training, free YouTube lead generation, auto emails, commission tracking, and copy & paste Attraction Marketing swipe file.

Now it’s time to start your journey to Become a Super Affiliate – no previous training required and on that journey you will, step by step, become an expert marketer and join the ranks of those who are financially free.

That journey starts with THIRD ROCKET …….

Let’s get you plugged in and started – start by downloading the Predictable Cash-Flow Formula HERE and be sure to watch the live demo to learn more.

p.s. Only YOU can decide to make your dreams come true. And with a little guidance, so long as you WANT it… we can help you manifest it.

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