First stop – Don’t Look Back, Don’t Let Regret Steal Your Future – You Are Not a Pillar of Salt!

How many people reading this want out of the old system – both financial and emotional?

How many people reading this are willing to pay the price, to do what it takes to step out of the matrix and into the new system that causes everyone to THRIVE both financially and emotionally?

How many people reading this are afraid to let go of the old, afraid to take that leap of faith BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES a leap of faith from the old to the new – to risk everything you are holding onto, that to be honest, shackles you to the grindstone.

So so many people want a better life for themselves, their children and their grandchildren but so so many people are not prepared to do what it takes – so afraid to let go of what they have for something much better.

I have noticed that Asian people, Africans and Eastern Europeans are leading the way, many are literally becoming millionaires almost overnight because they see the golden nuggets in the opportunities that abound in this day and age, and these same people desperately want to help their own people and are stepping up to do that.

Many many people in the West are getting left behind because they are so scared to lose what they have for something much better, so cynical and sceptical of every new opportunity and not necessarily financial opportunities either.

Many are so afraid to buck the system and say NO! to what is being dished out to us all, that is literally killing us, and still people say YES to the sabotage of our health and financial freedom BY DOING NOTHING, by wishing and hoping and praying that someone else will change things for them.

It doesn’t happen like that, each one of us must step up, must go within to align with the Courage of the Great Spirit (aka God) BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

I encourage you to take that leap of faith.

I have followed the ‘hero’s journey’ for decades now and here I Am inspiring, uplifting and guiding others to do the same.

I jumped, I took that leap of faith many years ago and each day I affirm the timeline of my choice for my highest growth and the highest growth for mankind.

I can help you deal with your deepest fears, I can help you shift into the new economy – I am not afraid of intensity, I am not afraid to help you and support you to face your deepest fears and come out the other side smiling, relieved and full of hope renewed.

“This is Where I’m Going, Who Is Coming With Me?”

Much love everyone,


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