When you try to do everything with your conscious mind you will invariably create stress, overload, anxiety, panic and burn out along with the little pockets of success.

Now, once you realise you are MUCH MUCH MUCH more than your conscious mind you can navigate this world we live in, which many call an illusion, so beautifully, so easily that your smooth passage through your Life is assured – and that’s what I show people how to do …….

I show you how to navigate this world, specifically your Life and your business with a smooth passage – it’s not a quick fix, its a process, a journey that gets better and better the more you walk ‘the path’.

What I Do and The Solutions I Provide:

We cannot transform ourselves using old worn out therapies, please be clear on that, for many of those very therapies keep us in the same loop of push and pull and this, partly, because the very therapists using the therapy, are in that loop too.

Remember, as Einstein told us, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.


We start our journey together freeing up the heaviest vibration within you that is holding you down and back and is more than likely showing itself as either resistance, disconnection, stagnation, confusion, deep tiredness, procrastination and even laziness.

WHO AM I …..

I am an expert in my field and have the ability to re-connect you consciously to the deepest level of yourself, so much so that in one session we can identify those heavy feelings of resistance, that invisible powerful force holding you back and bogging you down. You will then be able to clear away and transmute those limiting beliefs, stagnant energies and old worn out habits and behaviours which show up as you procrastinating, being confused, and filled with self-doubt, sabotaging yourself and your business and possibly ending up believing you might just be a failure and/or plain lazy.

You know deep down that this is not you and yet oh boy, you just cannot break free of some, if not all, of those restraints.

Well that’s where I come in.

(I must just tell you it is my passion and my utmost joy to reunite people, just like you, with their Spirit (The Creative Force), making the unconscious conscious, the reason for that resistance, becoming known.)

Whoah! What a relief. It is this reconnection that brings about true alignment at every level, mentally, emotionally and physically, resulting in being able to live an extraordinary, fulfilled life with everyone, and that means you, doing what you Love.

A win-win situation all around.


I work with people who are ready to leave all that pain and suffering and resistance behind them. You must be willing to take 100% responsibility for your thoughts, words and deeds and yearn for things to be different.

People, like you the reader, who have a calling and are in turmoil as to how to package that calling into a product and bring it to humanity.

Compassionate healers and coaches, visionaries who see the bigger picture for all and are challenged as to how to bring that about. Innovative leaders needing ongoing supportive connection and consultants who dream of bringing change to the world in practical ways.

In effect YOU, yes you reading these words.


What Makes Me Different from Other Coaches – Consultants – Mentors and Teachers ‘out there?’

Well, I am highly creative, very psychic and clairvoyant, connected to the Creative Force that is my Spirit (that which religion calls God) and it is these attributes that give me an advantage over most intuitive life coaches, teachers and mentors.

I see your aura, and the movement of energy, caused by your thoughts and emotions. This enables me to get to the heart of any challenges you have quickly. I do this by identifying the limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions and old thinking patterns that are holding you back in your personal and professional life.

I also work with your ancestral and soul timelines to help you clear generic patterning that may also be holding you back from success and that elusive abundant life.

I use a mixture of coaching, mentoring, teaching, visualisation and meditation to help you in your quest to become the best that you can be and live the life you yearn for and deserve, and I highly recommend that you gift yourself with 4 full sessions and one month from now you will have accomplished so much and stepped into your Mastery. Let’s do it”.

Mastery Session 1:

We will identify all the ‘knots and kinks’ in your energy field, the traumas, the conflicts and fears which have held you back in your personal relationships your career and business. We will unlock your past, those moments when your energy was ‘frozen’ in fear, and tension set in within your nervous system, consequently stopping the flow of your joy and sense of freedom. Those very fears and the hurt you have endured, become your belief system. This may well be intense and emotional, but intensity begets greatness in my book.

Mastery Session 2:

The 2nd session will be dedicated to consolidating all that you have assimilated during the previous week and we will deal with the experiences relating to that shift in you. This section is not to be skipped over as there will be much that you will want to understand and grow with as your limiting beliefs change and align with your new found freedom.

Mastery Session 3:

Session 3 is where we move into your magnificence, bringing forth your joy and freedom, where your passion and dreams are held. You will step out of the limiting beliefs that cause you to attract to you limiting life experiences and you will reframe those old beliefs into limitless beliefs and call forth from within you your desires, hopes and dreams to manifest a wonderful, fulfilling Life. We will map out those dreams so that you can start to bring them forth. You will recognise the energy that is going to propel those dreams into reality.

Mastery Session 4:

Here is where we discuss the way forward. You will have tapped into your dreams, and have some clarity around them. I will show you how to tap into daily guidance to bring forth your innate wisdom to manifest those dreams into every area of your Life and to begin implementing them in real, grounded tangible experiences.

Ready to get started – check out my website and get in touch with me:

email: thankyou.universe@btinternet.com

FB messenger: httphttps://www.messenger.com/t/hazel.moore.75

Much love everyone ❤

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