So many entrepreneurs are so confused on what to do in their lives or business and most of the time it’s so simple. Most of the time it’s because they truly don’t know what they want so they cannot possibly know what to do.

They are listening to Gary V, Russell Brunson, and like 40 different other entrepreneurs and gurus and are on 60+ different email lists, listening to another 10 podcasts and one person is contradicting the other and they are just confusing themselves and distracting themselves.

A step to getting rid of so much confusion is to get rid of all the distractions period. Unsubscribe from everyone except maybe 2, at most, top mentors you like, stop listening to every guru, and focus on your problem and solution.

You should only have, at the max, 2-3 people you look up to or mentors. Otherwise they are going to contradict each other and cause you confusion and doubt big time.

The cure for confusion is to simply define the problem and solve it. If you can’t define the problem, define the desired outcome.

Got it?

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