What if you could get FREE LEADS on a daily basis from all of the search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo and all of the rest?

You’d say YES! I’m sure of it and then you would say ‘Show Me How’ wouldn’t you?

Well, that’s exactly what this blog is all about – the ‘How To’ of getting free leads, through the search engines, completely free of charge, just like clock-work!

You simply post a Blog! using our strategy, which we teach you when you purchase the Blog, and for all time the internet Search Engines (SEO) will send people to your blog, even when you are asleep.

The potential is huge for you to have loads of FREE LEADS connected to your affiliate links, on your own blog, that will continue to pay you evergreen affiliate commissions, and then you will be doing what thousands of other people are doing to make a full-time automated income online, every day.

(When people say they are living a “laptop lifestyle” this is what they are doing to achieve that – they have total freedom of where they live, travel to and how they do their online marketing).

This type of automated income, also known as passive income, is what gives you, over time, financial freedom which ultimately gives you the time freedom to pursue your passions, your dreams.

Once you have grasped how to use the Blog! (and we show you how) you can have the search engines drive traffic to your own products, services and programmes, but right now we want to keep you focused on affiliate offers because that’s the fastest and easiest way to start generating income online and bring you immediate cashflow.

Now, in order for you to implement and optimize free traffic, you’ll want a blog and that’s why we are offering the Affiliate Starter Blog for Beginners who want to get set up quickly by someone who knows what they are doing. It’s efficient, user-friendly and ideal for people on a budget at $99!

This Blog! is yours, we’ll set it up for you and then by following our really simple, step-by-step classes you will know how to post content and generate free traffic (free leads) using SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

That’s the first big step done and dusted in generating affiliate commissions online using a blog as your hub and costing a One-Time Set-Up Fee of $99.

*** You will need a domain name and to pay for hosting because this is YOUR blog and website. A domain name is usually around $10 per year and hosting is just $23.88 per year or $3.99 per month.***

After submitting your domain name to us you’ll be able to start blogging within about 3-5 days. We’ll get you to answer some straight forward questions like what topic you want your blog to be about and we’ll even help you figure that out if you’re not sure where to begin.

You’ll see how to easily post content, find affiliate offers on Clickbank (and elsewhere, such as other affiliate programs listed on this page that are not found on Clickbank).

We show you how to link your affiliate offers on the blog to start generating affiliate commissions, and we show you how to duplicate the same free lead generation process that the top marketers use for very simple, powerful SEO (search engine optimization) which as I have said drives traffic to your blog for free.

Not just any traffic though!

We show you how to attract the right traffic that wants to buy what you’re selling, to do that we use key-words that the search engines pick up through the ‘bots’ they use (Artificial Intelligence).

(Google says: Search Engine BotsSearch engines are, for the most part, entities that rely on automated software agents called spiders, crawlers, robots and bots. These bots are the seekers of content on the Internet, and from within individual web pages. These tools are key parts in how the search engines operate.)

Blogging can be a great starting point for people who just aren’t ready to have their own lead capture and landing pages, or manage an email list yet. And if you do want to add in lead capture pages and sales pages onto your blog, now or in the future, and make it a full-blown site/business that functions as your own automated marketing and sales funnel, you can upgrade to those features and we’ll walk you all the way through it using our Profit Platform programme – we have everything you need to set yourself up as a serious online marketer! Blogging is but one important aspect of that and is a seriously good way to start.

After purchasing the blog, you’ll see a presentation on how you can upgrade and get our help to turn your blog into a marketing system that generates an email list and where we even give you the content to provide value to that list as well as on your blog, with the same affiliate offers we use already baked in!

Learn more about purchasing the Affiliate Starter Blog and start generating free leads to drive into your affiliate offers (or other offers) using SEO.

When you purchase the Affiliate Starter blog, you don’t just get the blog, you’ll learn how to use it to generate leads and cashflow as well!

To sum up then….

Of course you do 😉

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