My clients are not ‘somewhere’ unknown to me, they are everywhere in my energy field.

I’ll repeat that so that it really sinks in….

They are EVERYWHERE in My Energy Field!

My energy attracts them and then I let my actions convert them to my treasured paying clients.

Deep down, we all know that what we desire, we can have, somehow we know that. We intuitively know that we are supported by a higher power, whether you call it God, Source or something different.

You see God wants what you want, He/It desires for you what you desire for yourself and in that way as God, It expands according to our desires and our achievements, or contracts according to our limiting beliefs and non-action.

God is not a fixed component, God is a Living Consciousness expanding through the forms It creates from the non-physical realm. As the forms expand and grow, and that includes the human species, so does God- consciousness. Consciousness, energy, expands as we act on the inspiration that flows THROUGH US – if we don’t take action that inspiration stagnates within us, which leads ultimately to a form of depression.

When it comes to ‘receiving’ those high-end clients, selling your ‘bestseller’ as a book, service or product, or when it comes to growing your business beyond your wildest dreams as an affiliate marketer or a network marketer the success lies not just in your mindset shift but more importantly WITH the ALIGNMENT to your Spirit (God) so that all of that inspiration can flow THROUGH YOU as you take INSPIRED ACTION.

Very few people DO IT though.

Why? A lack of DOING.

Through thoughts we attract. Through action we receive. Through belief we attract those gorgeous clients to us, through action, we convert them to our paying clients.

That action? Is reaching out. Is giving invitations. Is promoting your products and services. Is lovingly extending your hands to help people and offer valuable solutions to their challenges. That then IS marketing and selling and it’s done through building relationships, through connecting.


So when you say to yourself: “I am open to receive!” … be prepared to REALLY receive it…by doing!

Here are the 5 super simple things you can do TODAY to make it happen:

1 – GET ALIGNED: Complete a meditation, visualisation or gratitude practice. Why? Because connecting with your Higher Self is the most powerful marketing tool in the world!

2 – SET AN INTENTION: Set a powerful intention for a new, amazing client/best seller. Say it out loud and know that God / Source hears you.

3 – ASK FOR GUIDANCE: Ask what you need to do to create an amazing authentic business and bring new clients and sales to you TODAY.


You’ll get answers and you will know your next right step!

4 – DO IT – whatever you’ve been holding off, and no matter how crazy it feels, just do that thing!


Repeat. Stay in that high vibe during the whole the process.


Take ACTION, yes right now and get our FREE STRATEGY CLASS, learn the behind-the-scenes secrets that ALL SUCCESSFUL MARKETERS USE, implement what you learn take INSPIRED ACTION!



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