Chances are you found this article because you were looking for information about Mike Klingler. The good news is you found the right article. So what do I mean about ‘Now Money’ as the title implies?

Now Money is an Asset to your business because it ensures, through leveraging affiliate marketing with, in our case, products created by Mike and his partner Robyn. Products that add value to every marketer whether seasoned or just starting out. Products that grow your business and ensure that it flourishes. We want to ensure that every business builder and owner knows how to implement and have access to products that ensure you will receive immediate cash-flow whilst building your own brand/business from the start. Listen in to what Mike says about Lead Generation, Cash flow and Wealth Building in this video:

Mike Klingler: the Funnel / Marketing Master

Those of you reading this that are in network marketing / affiliate marketing should know, and more than likely do know, who Mike Klingler is, but if you don’t then you will now.

Mike Klingler has developed one of the most sought after marketing funnel mastery opportunities ‘out there’, which is bang up to date with all the latest marketing trends and he shows us just how much marketing, especially online marketing, has changed in the last 2-5 years alone. That means it’s worth the time for you to continue to read this. Why? Because if you don’t have a marketing funnel, then you cannot grow your business let alone learn how to generate instant cash flow using his strategies to finance your business.

Cash-Flow is the lifeblood, the oxygen, of any business and without it many people never reach their goals and realise their dreams. They flounder and even may end up bankrupt.

We are here to change that – download the free cash-flow formula HERE and listen in to the live demo/webinar to find out more.

I can tell you now that what I have learned from this Master is nothing short of mindblowing. He teaches us how to become expert marketers, in effect how to fish for ourselves, leaving far behind those who only know how to promote and have no real concept of how to market the right way in todays ever changing market place.

What  Mike Klingler Teaches:

Want to know exactly what Mike Klingler is teaching? He is teaching what many advanced online marketers refer to as the missing link to your business and that is how to generate cash-flow from the start.
The reality is that if you are not using a marketing funnel and you are not managing it and working your online marketing properly by giving value to your customers, then you are set up for failure. Make sense?

The training doesn’t stop with the marketing funnel either, but continues into being educated about social media, blogging, fb advertising, branding, telling your story from the heart and anything else that you can imagine. Mike, along with his partner Robyn, teach you how and why all of these things should be used in conjunction with each other, and of course, Mike will be completely honest with you about everything, a rare quality indeed.

Why You Should Value What Mike Klingler Has to Say

If you have been reading this article the whole way through, then you already know what I am going to tell you. You should value what Mike Klingler is telling you because if you are trying to run an online business, you need this.

Think about it like this; even if you learn many different skills, how are you going to put them to good use if you don’t have the marketing funnel in place? This means that your efforts could be in vain all because you didn’t take the time to learn about doing marketing the right way.

Have you heard that you need to plan your work and work your plan? This means that you need to bring focus to your business and plan each day what you are going to do and how you are going to do it – we teach you that in Profit Platform – ask about how to enroll in the comments below.

Mike Klingler: Brand Yourself!

Ultimately, as Mike Klingler tells so many, you must brand yourself – we show you how right down to the last detail. This is what separates you from the competition, and until you do that you can’t really successfully market anything and be an influencer in your field. The funnel mentioned earlier is simply there for you to get going, attract customers and give you a way to connect with them.

We will be teaching you how to use affiliate marketing and lead generation to automate the selling process for your programmes, opportunity or product, or how to make money from home, the right way, while at the same time enabling you to receive huge commissions from affiliate products and programmes that Mike and Robyn have put together.

We call this a system for predictable cash-flow.

Of course, eventually you can build your own sales pages that convert, using our system and our VAs if you want to. However if you have a struggling business you may not have the time or resources to put all that together in the short run. So the strategy offered here is a faster solution created by an expert in this field.

A system of predictable cash flow also known as “Now Money” means you have the strategy to offer your customer a relevant affiliate offer at the front end of your funnel, or through follow up emails, and in turn this means you are able to cover your business expenses whilst you build and expand your business.

Who wouldn’t want that – you can download our free cash-flow formula HERE and listen in to the live demo/webinar to find out more

Speak again soon, love to you all,

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