The Megalodon Funnel is designed to significantly boost cash flow for those who don’t want to build their own marketing funnel system.

It’s a ‘done for you’ funnel – we build it for you and it has massive opportunity for cash-flow coming to you and has the Third Rocket funnel included within it.

The front-end marketing content will be white-labelled, which means that people who purchase this funnel are getting lead capture pages, the automated emails, affiliate links that are in the emails and much more.

(***A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company that other companies/people rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it***).

You will be able to integrate yourself into the front-end of the funnel we show you how, in a very detailed way how to brand yourself, so no worries there.

This funnel is designed for advertising and to be able to build an email list for massive growth, as I said earlier it’s designed for massive cash-flow (get our Predictable Cash-Flow Formula HERE)

It’s designed to build your list in a huge way.  Now, in order to build a huge email list advertising is one of the most common and fastest ways to build it, but it doesn’t work if the funnel you are promoting doesn’t produce enough cash-flow right away to cover the cost of the advertising. Your business expenses must be met from the outset because if not the chances are there will be no business to build and grow.

The Megalodon Funnel is built to maximise cash-flow.  You have to have lots of offers, up-sells and down-sells, and it’s very comprehensive to put one of these huge funnels together that really can generate cash-flow from adverts fast. 

Most people online, including very successful marketers, because it’s so hard to build a mega funnel that produces cash-flow right away, are willing to lose money on the front end of their marketing, they often lose quite a bit of money paying for ads, and then they have to stop their ads once in a while and wait, and then make money on the back end of their funnel promoting an upsell to their email list – holding webinars and promoting other affiliate products to their email list and on their back end through their email list, they end up making more money. Then they are in profit and go back to doing ads again.

The Megalodon Funnel is designed to produce so much cash-flow without this delay.

Take a look at the slides below of the Megalodon Funnel to see how it works – follow it from left to right and get the essence of what this funnel is designed to do. It’s designed to bring into your bank account predictable cash-flow – what if you could wake up today and know how much your business is going to make you – wouldn’t that put a smile on your face and a spring to your step?

If you want to know and have your sales automated correctly from the start, saving you tons of money and time to be able to put all of this together then this is for you. We are solving a problem for you, a big problem. You need to be in control of your business and to forecast your sales and revenue, and on top of that generate enough cash-flow to pay for your business expenses.

This funnel is specific, on-point, tangible, succinct, concrete and delivers exactly what you need.

Take a look at these images to see what’s on offer and to see how it works – follow it from left to right and get the essence of what this funnel is designed to do for you and your business.

This is huge ladies and gentleman, huge!

To start the ball rolling get on my email list by first of all downloading the free cash-flow formula HERE and listening in to the live demo/webinar on how that works.

This will also get you on my email list which ensures you stay connected to what we are creating and offering to bring so much value to you and your business.

Speak again soon, much love everyone,

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