My last post had me writing about My #1 Strategy For Successful Online Marketing and I shared what every successful online entrepreneur and marketer has to have in place to ensure a high rate of success and be in a position to earn immediate cashflow. (Get the cashflow formula)

Now its time for me to show you how YOU can do exactly what I do and what all the top marketers have known to do but have never shared EVERYTHING they do, with their customers and audience.

Let’s Begin ….

If you follow the steps I am going to outline, very specific steps with a specific strategy you will succeed because I Am going to give you clear, progressive steps that ensure your desired results – your income goals – and how you are going to get constant feedback on where you’re at with that.

Once you have everything in place you just rinse and repeat on autopilot.

To remind you of my last post here’s a snippet of what every successful online marketer does consistently and with focus:

  • Consistently Build our list
  • Ensure we build strong trustworthy connections with our list, via automated emails.
  • Automate our funnels/lists to market and sell.
  • Optimize our cashflow to always be increasing what we earn per lead.
  • Generate multiple streams of income by sharing and automating more offers to our prospects on our email list. This is known as the ‘back-end’.
  • Track what we earn per lead/customer
  • Test, split-test and re-test what works so that we are always increasing our lead value ie what we earn per customer (per lead) on our email list.

Remember consistency with focus, doing the above regularly, will ensure you hit very high-income goals with regularity and predictability.

To be Very Clear …..

You have to incorporate all of the above 7 steps consistently otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the success you want. You need this strategy to ensure predictable, scalable results, which in turn brings you the high income to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Where to start?

Two places and that’s it. Just 2 places for you to choose from, one or the other, or both if you are up for it, to set up your own robust marketing system.

Choice #1
Set your marketing system up on a WordPress Blog like this one (I can help with that and with the hosting of it).

Choice #2
Use an all-in-one hosting solution such as Kartra.

( I recommend Kartra over all the other sales funnels like Clickfunnels, orLeadpages).

Understanding a Marketing Funnel:

The beauty of a Marketing Funnel is that you can automate the marketing and the sales process. However, if you have ever used a funnel that was given to you by a network/affiliate marketing company you’ll know that they very rarely work FOR YOU for very long, and that’s because you need to be the one building the relationship with your clients and prospects sending emails to build trust and connection with YOUR LIST THAT YOU BUILT because you have built it – it has your branding, your personalized way of doing things.

Now it has to be said that you can ‘make money’ using other peoples ready made funnels, and you will sometimes get good commissions but it all works so much better FOR YOU, long term, when you sell affiliate products or your own programs, products and services over a long period of time to YOUR LIST THAT YOU BUILT and THAT YOU OWNmake sense?

I’ve got another article explaining all of this much better and I’ll discuss it in much more depth, look out for it – “Why That Marketing System Let You Down.”

The first thing you need is a LEAD MAGNET:

This is a free offer, that has value, that you make to someone in exchange for their email address. This email address is the start of you building your own list. This is pivotal to your success so that you can market over and over again to all the people on your list for years to come. You’ll be able to promote new offers, products, and services, some of which may well be your own that you have now been able to incorporate into your funnel.

(You start with affiliate products to be able to generate immediate cash-flow.) All of this, of course, is automated.

Learn more about the CashFlow Formula HERE

If you have ever filled in a form online, it’s called an opt-in form, to get something for free then that is a LEAD MAGNET, referred to above.

These LEAD MAGNETS can be created for you by our team, and they can be videos, PDFs, webinars, e-books and in any niche that you care to name – health, fitness, psychology, real-estate, all sorts of free valuable information on spirituality, carpentry, how to make jewellery – anything at all that you know people want.

Multiple Streams of Income Have Become a Necessity …

Multiple streams of income are no longer a luxury but are becoming a necessity if we want to thrive. Think about it.

There is NO such thing as job security. 80% of traditional businesses fail in year 1 and 80% of those remaining fail in the next 4 years.

Our children and grandchildren are studying for jobs that will be obsolete in the next decade. Robotics/Quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence will and already are replacing many people’s jobs.

One income earner is NOT enough to support a family and hasn’t been for many many years. So it makes sense to learn to create multiple streams of income and leverage the efforts of others. That’s what I’m showing you in this blog article.

The sooner you get your money working for YOU rather than you working FOR money the sooner you will build wealth.

The sooner you create income streams NOT dependent on where you live the sooner you can live anywhere you want.

The sooner you learn to create income that comes in independent of your own efforts the sooner you will have time freedom.

This is WHY 2019, and going forward, is the year of diversification, the year of the entrepreneur, of the online marketer. If you don’t have a plan to diversify then keep reading.

Putting multiple offers in front of your audience, automated via your email list, is where your high income, online, will come from.

All the big names do it – from Frank Kern to Matt Kahn to Gabby Bernstein and Sam Ovens. And I do it as well, because this is what gives us the financial resources to pay for our advertising and lifestyle.

Remember though we always give value, we are serving our clients and prospects in the best way possible to get them where they need to be, step by step.

If you are reading this wishing and hoping that you can succeed online without all this in place then I am the one to be telling you it’s simply not possible.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, networking or have your own products, courses and/or programmes to sell you need all that I have mentioned in place.

Next Up You Need a Lead Capture Page, Followed by a ‘Thank You’ Page …

Once you have entered your name and email address on the LEAD MAGNET, where you opted in for your free offer, you will be taken to the next page which is called a LEAD CAPTURE PAGE.

The page you landed on after that, confirming that we received your details is called a ‘Thank you’ page. All of these pages build connection and they can all be automated as part of your marketing and lead generation.

All this is done behind-the-scenes, we show you step by step all of this in our programs, all built and designed by us FOR YOU.

And while all of that is going on you can be asleep, shopping, cooking, playing with the kids – whatever you want to be doing that brings you joy.

The marketing funnel is key to gaining the leverage you need to market successfully as well as to have that priceless’ freedom of time’ in your day once everything is in place.

Next on the list – Sales Page/s

This is the name of the webpage that presents the offer and where the customer buys it from you. All done on automation which is key to the entire strategy and again affords you the opportunity to “make money while you sleep.”

More Landing Pages

There will be more pages added, immediately or over time, to create a complete marketing funnel. There will be a variety of further pages people land on after they purchase, to be offered more products, often referred to as ‘upsells’ or ‘downsells’, and additionally, there may be pages with more offers before the first purchase is completed.

There will be many opportunities, on other pages, that your customers see after clicking on a link in one of your automated emails, where you may have a video on that page to give even more value, leading to other offers to sell. It is endless what can be done within the scope of a marketing funnel.

Are you beginning to see how you need a marketing funnel in place to automate this whole marketing and sales process, and that your best option, given in the 2 choices spoke about earlier is to have a WordPress blog like this one, or to use an all-in-one marketing solution like Kartra?

Feeling Overwhelmed by All This Information?

It is a lot to put into place, and I was overwhelmed in my early days as an affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur. But you don’t have to do all of this on your own. PHEW!

We offer you the opportunity to use our marketing system that you can brand and also use the different marketing funnel templates for different markets and niches.

We have funnels already built that you can personalise and that have the cashflow formula with the live demo links built in, along with multiple sales offers, automated emails already written for you, lead magnets that you can use and MUCH more, with marketing funnel pages already built and included.

You’ll need to bring your own branding to these funnels so that you can claim them as your own. Then we show you how to drive traffic to your offers and manage all of that properly. You’ll need to know how to track leads so that you can predict the value of each lead and how to increase that value in order to reach your income goals.

We have literally taken the hard part out, which is the creation of the whole system, the whole marketing strategy for you.

Here’s a reminder of what you need to have in place:

  • Consistently Build your list
  • Ensure you build strong trustworthy connections with your list, via automated emails.
  • Automate your funnels/lists to market and sell.
  • Optimise your cashflow to always be increasing what you earn per lead.
  • Generate multiple streams of income by sharing and automating more offers to your prospects on your email list. This is known as the ‘back-end’.
  • Track what you earn per lead/customer
  • Test, split-test and re-test what works so that you are always increasing your lead value ie what you earn per customer (per lead) on your email list.

And remember having your own marketing funnel either on your own WordPress blog or a system like Kartra allows you to do it all. We help you get started with whatever choice you make.

Face Facts:

You have to incorporate all of the above steps consistently otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the success you want. You need this strategy to ensure predictable, scalable results, which in turn brings you the high income to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

If you don’t have a structured strategy and marketing system with a funnel, or multiple funnels in place please rethink stepping out into the online world of marketing because long-term you will most likely fail.

I’m coming to the end of this article, it’s really long and kudos to you for staying with it this far. I’ll end by announcing that I’ll be sharing a free in-depth two-hour video class outlining all the nuances and behind-the-scenes strategies that will ensure you get it, including everything mentioned in this article.

The information shared is life-changing.

p.s. Become a Kartra Affiliate/JV Partner and generate massive monthly commissions

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