My initial impression when I first saw the Kartra marketing system was, whether you are a seasoned marketer or just starting out, how perfect it is for the marketer who needs a good structure to build multiple funnels / landing pages, email automation, lead generation, list building, link tracking, video integration, advanced analytics, and done-for-you marketing campaigns etc to integrate products, programmes and services into.

Having said that most people plan their vacation better than their Life and their marketing strategies. But once you get a plan in place, a structure, everything changes and Kartra offers that one-stop, all-in-one platform, a hub if you like, to run and build your business from.

When it comes to designing a Lifestyle, to support it we can do without more surprises and blind alleys leading us right up the proverbial garden path.

That’s why when my partner chose Kartra above Kajabi, Click Funnels, Infusionsoft and Ontraport to incorporate the many marketing funnels he has built I took a really good look at it.

Building funnels is a step-by-step process that can only lead all marketers to what they desire, and I don’t know of anything else that provides that in the marketing arena.

For sure there’s a lot of creative opportunity in funnels, but not at the expense of getting lost in the building of it all – hence we recommend Kartra. which in and of itself is a clear, tangible, measurable process to whatever you want to create for yourself financially and for your lifestyle.

Because of this, I am heavily focused on using marketing funnels. And I have chosen Kartra to do it with, and not only that, we are going to devote a lot of focus on teaching people how to create the lifestyle they desire using Kartra.

You can join any number of our programmes that lead to integrating yourself into the built-for-you funnels with handsome affiliate commissions on the front end, which ensures that your business gets immediate cash flow to sustain it in the years ahead. (Download our Predictable CashFlow strategy HERE).

For now, check Kartra out. It’s a powerful tool to manage BAM(behavioural marketing, also known as behavioural targeting).

Which is a fancy way of saying you can create marketing messaging that is automated but that’s specific to each customer. So if they click something or see a certain page they automatically enter into another sequence or countdown clock offer, etc. So you can really customise a marketing process for each person, and it’s fully automated.

Ontraport and InfusionSoft used to be the place to go for that but it was far too technical for most. This isn’t.

Check out Kartra: It’s making huge waves in the marketing world.

Check out the annual/monthly cost, and then consider what you pay for all the other platforms you need to run your business that can be consolidated into Karta.



Monthly Billing Costs

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