Kartra Outperforms Clickfunnels at the Click of a Button and this immediately provides a Unique Opportunity for Kartra Affiliates & Kartra JV Partners – Especially If You Get In Early!

Clickfunnels created a lot of millionaires who jumped in early as affiliates, but don’t worry if you missed that boat – we have something much better for you!

We now have for you a unique opportunity with affiliate marketing, as well as the added opportunity of becoming a Kartra JV Partner to benefit from something much much better than Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Infusionsoft and other similar platforms.

Kartra is the “Latest Tool”, an all-in-one marketing hub, to come onto the global market that will, without doubt, create the next wave of online millionaires…..why not be one of their affiliates then?!

KARTRA is already beginning to make a name for itself and is standing out as the top leader in the online marketing industry because it has the best marketing platform at the same cost as those well known platforms, mentioned earlier in this blog, that offer less.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm:

Those of us, and that means you reading this as well, who become affiliates and/or JV Partners, early on in the Life of Kartra, will kill it over the next few years, because you will have placed yourself in a prime position to become a leader, someone of value to help others, show them the ropes and be well rewarded for that leadership as you show them how to make money the way you do.

I’m just stepping into that role of leadership in the world of affiliate marketing but my partner, Mike Klingler, has used it to generate millions over the past 25+ years. And he is completely sold on Kartra, and I mean completely 🙂

Along with me, and others in his private group, he is showing his Kartra JV partners how it’s done, and WHAT we’re able to do to generate thousands in recurring revenue with Kartra. We’ll be passing that knowledge onto you as well, so at the very least register on the sign-up form to the right here, to keep getting my updates. But you know what…..


There is NO COST to sign up for the Kartra affiliate JV partner program and their Affiliate program and to start earning recurring affiliate commissions every month by jumping in early.


One little secret I’ll let you into is that the TOP Promoters in Clickfunnels are “secretly” using Kartra to build their own funnels, but they daren’t give up Clickfunnels completely because they are earning too much money in passive income as affiliates. Yes, the same top earners that are featured in the Two Comma Club.

*** If you don’t know what the Two Comma Club is a quick visit to google will tell you ***

But you, you have an opportunity to jump right in and ‘seize the day’.

Kartra is the most powerful online marketing system available. We’ll show you how we’re maximizing Kartra to automate leads and sales in our own business. Also learn how we’re referring hundreds of people into Kartra to generate thousands of dollars in MONTHLY recurring revenue with Kartra’s affiliate program. Clickfunnels made a lot of people wealthy when they arrived on the scene with their referral program.

Now with Kartra taking the lead as the number one tool that not many know about yet, you have a real opportunity to lock in long-term affiliate commissions referring others into Kartra.

You might even be able to attract some big players into your Kartra JV network and get 10% off all their referrals – anything is possible 😉

Remember Life is FOR you, not against you.

Price alone definitely puts Kartra in a position to be the best clickfunnels alternative. But there’s much more.

When considering the price of Kartra, keep in mind all the other tools people pay for, that they won’t have to continue paying, once using Kartra. Email autoresponders and link tracking services alone can save a considerable amount every month. And that’s only two of the many marketing tools offered within the whole package.

These are the prices for getting Kartra – billed annually:

These are the prices for getting Kartra – billed monthly:

And then there’s the Kartra Affiliate Commissions:

You’ll definitely be hearing more from me about Kartra, especially with respect to our team collaborations. We’ll also be releasing numerous built-for-you funnels inside of Kartra, so keep an eye out for those.

Sign up for Kartra Affiliate Commissions HERE

Become a Kartra JV Partner With the Potential to Generate Thousands Per Month: HERE


Email my support team at team@predictable-system.com as soon as you register as a Kartra Affiliate.

Include the name: Hazel Moore

And the email you used when you registered with Kartra as an affiliate. My team will then add you to our private Kartra support group to show you how we’re generating our affiliate commissions with Kartra

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