Making a lot of money and at the same time having full control of how you meet your income targets, means that you absolutely know how to track your Average Lead Value and your Average Customer Value.

What Does This Mean Exactly…

Simply put it’s what each lead or customer earns you and your task, as the business owner, is to know how to track these values so that you can test, re-test and split-test to increase the value. (In our programs we show you how to do this – it’s part of what Profit Platform is all about).

You won’t be able to market effectively if you miss out this part of the marketing strategy. And that’s exactly what most are doing, missing this part out, and why they struggle in their business to make ends meet.

There are 5 things you can do to directly increase these values which I have listed below so keep reading!

One you start tracking your lead and customer value, you can apply Cashflow Optimization to increase what you earn. This is precisely how you take complete control over what you want to earn on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

This Applies to ALL Businesses.

You might be a coach, or a consultant, you might run an agency, you might be a network marketer or an affiliate marketer — it doesn’t matter WHAT you’re doing the same principle applies and you are going to struggle big time if you cannot increase what you earn per lead and customer.

So if you’re serious about your goals and you plan to use the Internet to accomplish your goals, it’s not a question of IF you should be tracking your lead value but a question of “Where do I start?”

How to Start Tracking Your Lead Value & Get In Charge of Your Income.

First, you need a marketing funnel system.

Don’t listen to anyone who says you don’t.

And realize that if anyone is doing well online but they’re telling you funnels don’t work, believe me when I tell you, that they have got a funnel but they are keeping it a secret for whatever reason, only known to them.

You simply cannot predict what you will earn, which means being able to track your lead value, without a marketing system, ie funnel, in place.

You. Just. Can’t. Do. It.

So What Exactly is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is an automated process that attracts people to what you offer, educates them about it, and makes it easier for them to buy from you.

Within that funnel you get to add more and more offers, and test different parts of the process to consistently improve what your funnel/s earn you.

If you’re not doing it you’re not really marketing in a way that sets you up to win and THAT IS A BIG DEAL!

To set-up a marketing funnel system you have two options:

1. Set the marketing funnel system up on your own WordPress site (you’re on a WordPress site now and I’m using this blog as my funnel – clever eh?!)

(You can get a blog like this one, all set up for you with lessons to boot HERE)

2. Use a system like Kartra (far better than Clickfunnels).

(You can get a free trial for Kartra HERE)

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Marketing Funnel & What It’s Made Up Of.

The marketing funnel consists of a number of pages and other components…

1) Lead Capture Page

This is where you drive your traffic to, from a post you have made, or an ad you have placed, and collect names and email addresses, which are then called leads. This then allows you to keep connected with them through an automated email follow up process. Your prospects and future clients can get to know you and see everything you have to offer. This makes everything so much easier and paves the way for them to buy from you over and over again because you have built up a good connection over time and they have come to trust you.

2) Lead Magnet

This is something of value that you offer the prospect for free or very low cost in return for their email address. The Lead Magnet is something of value and can be an e-book, a pdf, a video or inviting them to a webinar that you are putting on or free entry to a fb group where you are giving lessons of value also for free – this so that you can give a taster of something else you will offer within the group which they pay for.

The Lead Magnet gets people on your email list for everything else that you offer in the future – your year-long course or whatever it is that you have created.

It could even be a physical book you ship to them if they agree to pay for shipping and handling, and incidentally, a lot of online marketers make a considerable amount of money from the handling and shipping fees alone.

You could also offer a Discovery Call or a free consultation.

3) Landing Page

This is where the person lands after entering their email and is where you place the Ad Tracking pixel so your system can track where your leads have come from and let’s you know how your whole marketing strategy is performing. You can also test and improve many areas of the funnel because of the feedback you are getting from the tracking pixel.

Remember tracking in this way is crucial to being able to scale up and be in complete control of what you earn. It also allows you to improve the automation so you can apply less and less effort to do it.

(We use Kartra for this and their BAM feature)

4) Tracking

Now you can track your Lead Capture Pages and Your Lead Magnet Pages and see which pages are bringing you the best results, to see which produces more leads, people, who are much more inclined to purchase from you.

You can go on to test different sales pages and email follow up sequences too, all using the Kartra BAM system which we highly recommend.

Your marketing is now no longer a guessing game because you know exactly how to increase your results to get predictable and reliable cash-flow.

Kartra is an amazing system and has taken the online marketing arena to a whole new level. It makes everything so simple. Having said that you can also do everything I have mentioned in this article using a WordPress Blog, like this one, coupled with a tool called ClickMagick.

Cashflow Optimization

Once you have tracking in place you are all set to start using Cashflow Optimization.

Here’s those 5 steps that allow you to increase what you earn at will:

With a marketing funnel and tracking in place, you can now write your own daily, weekly, monthly, yearly income by applying Cashflow Optimization. You’re now able to see what you earn per lead, per customer, and see if a simple change to anywhere within your funnel has increased what you earn or has decreased what you earn.

If so you keep it or improve it by trying another Cashflow Optimization step. Now you are becoming an experienced Online Marketer, a true professional and know your next steps because the data you have collected from your tracking tells you what to do.


Learn how you can use the same Marketing Funnel We Use – that’s already set up and ready to go!

Learn how we can help you build your own Marketing Funnel System to sell what YOU offer (coaching, consulting, books, courses,events, products and programs).

To your success – see you in the next article, be sure to bookmark this page so that you can come back here often.

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