In years gone by before online marketing became a globally recognised arena which allowed marketers the freedom to automate most of what they do today, marketers, in those pre-internet days, would create just one really good classified ad. A small one or two-line ad placed in a newspaper, magazine or any printed publication was enough to get started.

The one or two-line classified ads worked and are the foundation of how we advertise and market today except affiliate marketers, network marketers and all manner of marketers do it predominately online because of the wide global audience that is available to us and of course it’s much easier to automate everything.

In principle though nothing much has changed, the strategy is still the same now as it was way back in the 1990s and long before then. Marketing is still the discipline, the strategy, whilst the advertising is a branch of that strategy.

My business partner literally stumbled upon this age-old strategy, well over 25 years ago now, and still uses that same strategy in every successful campaign he runs online – and he has enjoyed $1 million day launches – yes you read that right making $1 million (dollars) in a one-day launch.

The secret sauce is and always was, creating that one successful ad and placing it in hundreds of publications.

One ad by itself barely made much money at all, in fact, you’d be lucky to break even BUT placing that same successful ad in lots, and I mean lots, of publications it became a winner and all those sales added up fast.

Now it’s good to let you know that the returns on the sales made were short-term gains. but what made this work so well was to gather the names and addresses of people who bought and treating that list of names and addresses as if they were gold-dust. People obviously liked those first products because they bought them, which meant that those same people could be marketed to without paying for more advertising (because we now had their name and address to reach out to them and connect) – this is where the big profits came from then and it’s where the big profits come from today.

The Perfect Marketing Strategy Worked Back Then and It Works Now:

  1. Understand your customer, connect with them, give value and you can sell many products and services to no end of different types of customers, all wanting solutions for their wants and needs.
  2. Choose the right media outreach, back then it meant classified ads or a brick and mortar shop, today it usually means social media in the form of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and/or Twitter.
  3. Do your research so that you understand your customer and what they want, not what you think they want.
  4. Make your copy text, the words you use, count. Apply the less is more strategy keeping the ad brief and explicit.
  5. Make your ad believable, appropriate and valuable to your customer.
  6. Research what your competitors/collaborators are up so that you can keep up to date with the latest advancements in genius ideas and technology.
  • You won’t necessarily make enough money immediately selling whatever it is you’re selling but you will make money, and more often than not a lot of money on the “back-end” of your sales funnel, with your email list as it is now, or in days gone by your list of names and addresses, more than likely kept in a book somewhere.  The “back end” of the sales funnel is the part where you take one-time buyers (who bought on the “front-end”) and convert them to long-term bigger-ticket loyal customers.
  • Many marketers just don’t understand this, simple as it is, and they fail simply because they do not build in more offers to their list whereby you increase what we call your Lead Value or Customer Value. It’s implementing this strategy that allows you to cover all of your business and living expenses and puts you in a prime position to really scale up.
  • It’s all about multiple streams of income.

‘If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ is that evergreen cliche that serves us all, and every successful online service provider – whether that’s coaching, consulting, creating e-courses, e-books, affiliate marketing, being entrepreneurial and using online marketing uses the success strategy that my partner used over 25 years ago offline.

Having an automated online email list in order to sell, ensures that you can scale up fast to increase your profits. It’s not rocket science nor is it a mystery – it’s a specific strategy. And this strategy, as pointed out above, does not change and has not changed for decades.

Whether you are using Chat Bots in Messenger, Facebook business pages or groups, videos on YouTube, images on Instagram, Kartra, Leadpages, webinars…. if you’re successful, it’s because you have this very marketing success strategy in place.

One of the main ingredients to be successful online is to optimise your Cashflow, and until you can do that you shouldn’t consider that you have a viable business, because there’s no consistent growth or predictable cashflow without it.

You must track each lead that comes your way and know what each lead is worth to you, so that you have control over your lead and sales optimization and can scale up.

The first goal is to have a zero-cost ad strategy, which means your sales are covering your advertising costs. If you don’t have this in place you can’t increase what you’re earning per lead with any hint of control. You can’t work toward the zero-cost ad strategy (where sales are covering your ad costs) and this means you won’t hit your income targets on a regular basis, and long-term at that.

You Must Take Control of your cost per lead value otherwise you will fail, and sadly this is what most online marketers fail to do because oftentimes they just don’t know how and that e-course you bought or marketing guru that you follow simply doesn’t teach these behind-the scenes nuances.

Ongoing Cashflow [That Grows Month After Month]

Here’s a screenshot from one of our classes, of 5 ways to increase your lead value in order for you to take control of your income, regardless of the industry or niche you’re in, or wish to tap into. We give classes from time to time – keep an eye-out for them being announced and get prepared for a full-on focused class that’ll show you exactly how to increase your lead and customer value… and to know how to get a swipe-system that’s personalized to you and what you’re marketing or selling or wish to promote.

Stay tuned to my blog, bookmark it, and jump over to my fb biz page.

To implement this you need a marketing funnel system– I wrote about in the previous article.

In that article I suggested you use Kartra as your platform because it encompasses all that you need for your marketing in-one-place.

In my next blog I go deeper into how to track your lead value and increase what you earn – keep with me and you’ll be able to increase what you earn and market like a pro!

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