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I Am primarily a Spiritual Teacher / Mentor and have been for over 35 years now.  That will never change because my purpose in Life is to:

Remain Spiritually Awake

Reconnect People to their Spirit

Inspire and Free Others

During my own Life journey I realised that we need to bring our Spirituality into our everyday lives more and more, to embody that Soul Energy so that we are guided throughout each day and can make discerning decisions about the direction of our Lives with total autonomy, and quite frankly where the rubber meets the road, which for most people is finding ways to pay the bills and have some money left over for a few luxuries.

I have never met anyone who has found inner peace with a mortgage to pay, bills to meet, children to feed, clothe and educate and with debt hanging over their heads, and thus a new branch in the road of my Life opened up for me. I had a total mindset shift in the direction that my mentoring and teaching was and is taking.

For over 35 years I have been that Spiritual mentor and guide for others but I didn’t have the knowledge, nor the mindset, of how to brand and market myself effectively in today’s rapidly changing world to take my message of financial freedom out into the world – especially so in the way that we all do business online.

I had realised years ago that what most people lack is time freedom to pursue their passions and heart’s desire and not only that, time freedom is inextricably linked to financial freedom.

Looking around I saw that the Spiritual Leaders of our time – leaders like Sandi Krakowski, Marianne Williamson, Echart Tolle, Gabby Bernstein, Caroline Myss, Osho, Rikka Zimmerman to name but a few – are all business builders and I had to also embrace business building if I wanted to reach many many people across the globe and help them to thrive in every area of their lives but especially financially which is where the rubber meets the road.

In case there is any confusion I Am selling and marketing all things of the Spirit. I Am Networking all things of the Spirit and this equals SHARING what I know to be true.

The truth is we are already Spiritual Beings having an experience in this world and on this planet we call Earth.

The Earth is a system and in this system, over the last few thousand years, we have introduced money as a huge part, a mandatory part of this system, so much so that now those who have the most money control it and all who live on it and are a part of it – but tragically they are not heart centred people in the main. My passion, my vision and mission is to be a part of changing this paradigm. To shift the balance of power that money has, from the few back to the many.

To do that I had to learn about this system by being IN IT, fully grounded and embodied Spiritually and physically with both feet on the ground.

That I have achieved to a substantial degree and so now I embark on the money part.

Over the past two years, since October 2017, I have learned all about trading cryptocurrencies and forex.  I learned about scams and schemes and how to identify them but in the learning I lost a lot of money, as did many others. I had to let that go and remain mentally and emotionally detached from any and all outcomes.

Fast forward to today (August 2019)and I Am now connected to some great trading platforms, both crypto and forex and have discovered to my delight that trading, especially when it’s mostly automated is so much easier than you think and such high profits gained.

So my learning curve has been huge but once you know what you are doing and can discern all the programmes / scams and schemes out there, from those platforms built from heart-based business people it’s quite literally a home-run.

Believe it or not, there are many many heart-based business people stepping up to be game-changers on the planet, not least amongst them those who brought Cloud Token to the masses and also CashFX.

My trading is going exceptionally well (all automated) and not least because I have learned the secrets of the wealthy elite, I have learned how they think and how I could emulate that. I Am implementing all that I have learned and will share all of it in later articles so watch out for them.

I then realised that to share and network what I have learned I needed to business build, to become a business owner and learn how to market effectively because I also want to share what I have learned with other established heart-based business people and to everyone who has ever thought of working from home and business building, whether as a side hustle to start with, alongside a job or as a start-up business.

Because let’s face it if you don’t have a side-hustle you’re probably living from paycheck to paycheck.

Unless we win the lottery or have a silver spoon in our mouth I know of no better way than trading and / or business building, to one level or another, to generate cash-flow and be able to incorporate time-freedom into a healthy lifestyle.

Enter in my business partners and mentors Mike Klingler and Robyn Linn who are well….mentoring me….on how to be a business builder and how to become an expert marketer.

I have learned how to leverage long term sustainable ideas and business systems for growing heart-based wealth and I’ve also learned the secrets of the wealthy elite and how to protect and grow my money, but let’s face it, we need to get through our daily lives before we can even get to the “growing” long term bit.

So with that in mind I shifted my focus to a NOW perspective, right bang up to date NOW, by helping those who truly HEAR ME, who want to build, grow and launch their own businesses so that they/you also eventually have multiple streams of income, a constant stream of new people, prospects and customers (known as leads) and importantly generating CASHFLOW which is the oxygen that most people desperately need in their businesses and their lives.

I speak about consciously marketing anything extremely effectively in this article, and share with you a list of valuable marketing practices and tactics.

FACT: Cash is oxygen for your business and your daily life. While you’re thinking about all the things you think about – make sure generating cash flow is a top priority or you won’t have a business or much of a Life. I share how to structure your marketing so this is ensured, it amazes me how so many people miss the boat on this entirely.

Let’s get that corrected ASAPread the article and get the Predictable Cashflow Formula that Mike and Robyn, my partners, created for people just like you who want to start an online business or have an online business already and want to scale up.

They have also created a unique bang up-to-date platform, Profit Platform, whereby we can leverage their products based on their expertise, without having to spend the 25+ years they have taken to learn and implement their experiences, along with the thousands upon thousands of pounds / dollars that takes.

This funnel is unique in that you/we are able to integrate ourselves as a brand into it if we choose.

Because of their generosity of Spirit we are also able to market their products and claim 100% / 80% and 60% affiliate commissions on them – which is a business in and of itself.

Know this: THEY ARE EXPERTS IN THEIR FIELD of Marketing and Branding. They understand so much about the business world and that chasing after the next shiny object is a definite no no and a successful road to FAILURE big time. They know what they are doing in this fast-changing world of Internet marketing.

So I have partnered with them. They are like-minded, heart-centred individuals, who bring their mindful expertise and multi-million dollar successes in building online marketing platforms and business systems to us. They share their knowledge, expertise, and ease of learning with others who will absolutely thrive in their business, with these simple to use platforms and programs along with the knowledge, mindfulness and sense of community that supports all of us who join them.

You can find out more by registering with this link, downloading the Predictable Cash-Flow formula and filling in your details for access to the live demo/webinar HERE

So to bring this rather long blog to a close I Am sharing two things here that you might well find very interesting and lucrative.

TRADING in the crypto space and the Forex spaceboth very lucrative as I have experienced and continue to experience.

Business Building/Marketing done for you whatever programme, opportunity, product or business you are passionate about, with the opportunity to market products already built to help business owners get immediate cash-flow.

If you’re trying to learn how to market effectively and you want to understand real marketing versus promoting, and how to have predictable cashflow for your business, whatever business or programme you are marketing, then download the pdf on the link below and fill in your details for access to the live promo / webinar.

Here’s the link

And finally perhaps the most important part:

Click here to get the free class that takes you -behind-the-scenes to reveal what no other marketing guru shares

This is for you if want to be kept in the loop for everything to do with Marketing, reaching more people, building a business and or brand, becoming an affiliate marketer / Network marketer, sharing your own business / opportunity / product or programme : 


Thanks for taking the time to read all of this – remember my passion and mission is to help people to set themselves free financially and have the Life they came here to have – one of True Time Freedom and Abundance.

Speak again soon,

love to you all,

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