I really want to help all struggling marketers to see how the big money is readily achieved, and I want it to be so clear, so understood, that it moves you into inspired action and gets you positioned for the success you have been yearning for.

Like the header says – there is only ONE online marketing strategy.


What most people see as a strategy is really a tactic. Facebook ads, facebook business pages and facebook groups, along with messenger chatbots, videos on YouTube, images on Instagram, marketing funnels, webinar scripts are all tactics, not one is a strategy.

NONE of the above tactics will work if the #1 online marketing success strategy isn’t behind it.

So What Is This #1 Marketing Strategy?

My partners emphasize that at its heart it’s the strategy that existed in the days of direct mail marketing, or any marketing that came before THAT. It’s where people could only start small, make profit upfront in order to advertise so they could then scale up by advertising more, creating for themselves a solid roadmap to enable them to increase their profits through follow-up emails.

It’s the same strategy used TODAY by Sam Ovens, Frank Kern, Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, Matt Kahn, Jay Shetty, – all the big successful marketing gurus in fact.

Even though you will hear and read and see somewhere that there is a big change going on within Internet Marketing, that the next big success guru has a brand new success strategy that you should definitely plug right into, right away, the truth of the matter is that at the core of every online marketers success story is an email list whereby connection to build trust can be maintained, which in turn creates long-term income for you because you have built a trustworthy relationship with your email list and those same people will buy from you over and over again for years to come!

This kind of strategy works over and over again because it is at the heart of what people want and that is connection and trust.

In effect the core of all marketing, whether it’s online or offline, involves nurturing people. It’s your relationship with your people THAT MATTERS THE MOST, and then you can share with your list all of the things you deem good enough for them, all of the products/programs and services that offer value to them and you can use an automated email service to do that.

Kartra and Aweber are the best-automated email responder services out there.

Note that automation doesn’t mean mindless selling, no no no! We are giving VALUE continuously and solving real problems that our audience has, without which success would be and is very hard to come by.

Our system uses Behavioral Adaptive Marketing to figure all of this out.

You don’t need a list of thousands and thousands of prospects to start generating immediate cashflow either – what you need is the #1 Strategy!

A lot of people nowadays are getting left behind because they are running so fast after the NEXT TACTIC and have no idea about the STRATEGY I am sharing here today because no-one, not one of the big-name marketing gurus has taken them behind-the-scenes, BUT I DOthis video SHOWS you what we, at Profit Platform, teach.

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Does This Seem Complicated? It Really Isn’t…

It’s key to cultivate the right mindset, not run after every new ‘shiny object’, set your intention and focus on your goals.

Sadly most people don’t get it and much of that is because of desperation to get out of their situation and then ‘running’ as fast as they can to the next best thing, it’s like an addiction. People just don’t slow down enough to educate themselves on how things work. And guess what … it shows in their lack of clear profitable results.

People who have home-based businesses, people who are network marketers, affiliate marketers, or struggling coaches, entrepreneurs and authors, often miss all these wonderful opportunities entirely.

Some, often through default come across the strategy we are talking about in this article.

Others learn quickly, and are able to follow what all successful online marketers are actually doing.

Over at Profit Platform we make it VERY EASY FOR YOU

  • We all, to ensure our success, do the following:
  • Consistently Build our list
  • Ensure we build strong trustworthy connections with our list, via automated emails.
  • Automate our funnels/lists to market and sell.
  • Optimise our cashflow to always be increasing what we earn per lead.
  • Generate multiple streams of income by sharing and automating more offers to our prospects on our email list. This is known as the ‘back-end’.
  • Track what we earn per lead/customer
  • Test, split-test and re-test what works so that we are always increasing our lead value ie what we earn per customer (per lead) on our email list.

If you’re not doing the above, THAT is what you need to learn how to do.

The #1 Marketing Tool

The best all-in-one solution to put all this together used to be Clickfunnels but now in 2019 going forward, it’s the new-kid-on-the-block Kartra.

Find out more on my next post How to Market Anything.

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All of the above and much much more is taught in a detailed 2-hour class created for the launch of our Ambassadors Program.

My partners break it all down to show the numbers on tracking essential details such as the Average Lead Value and how to work that out, and exactly how all the top marketers increase that lead value through one or more Cashflow Optimization steps.

Get the Cashflow Formula

Continue on to the next post in this series: How to Marketing Anything

Speak Soon.

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