Cloud 2.0 is a decentralized digital wallet and the people behind this wallet are Ronald Aai and Matthew Suen. Ronald Aai is the CTO and Matthew Suen is the Product Manager. This wallet is where you get paid to HODL, (HODL came about, so the story goes, because someone in the early days of bitcoin spelled HOLD wrongly) and is the world’s first social wealth wallet to integrate all blockchain cryptographic assets into one platform. ​

I want to be clear from the very start Cloud 2.0 is NOT AN ICO therefore you will not find a White Paper about it anywhere – watch the video below to understand that Cloud Token is a Business Proposal

Why Cloud Token Can Change Your Life!

Cryptocurrency is becoming better-known and more popular throughout the entire world and coupled with the unique concept that is Cloud 2.0, that I am sharing with you here, can change your life forever.

All it takes to make the first step is 15 minutes of your time and a smartphone.


The way we spend crypto is changing big time and I just want to say to everyone that has been following my story IT IS NOT TOO LATE, far from it and YES many are making $1000s+ a day and that’s not hype guys.

It’s real, it’s trusted and safe.

You start by funding your account with $500 worth of crypto which gives you complete access to the affiliate programme and the entire eco-system. and you can also benefit from sharing this opportunity as well.

So what am I talking about here?

I’m talking about a game-changing digital wallet, with atomic swaps, integrated air travel, hotel accommodation, collaboration with a billion dollar company, GRAB, the UBER of Asia, Air Asia is on the list to come on board and other airlines are already on board, POS devices in stores, internal sim card within the app that works exactly like roaming but it’s free to Cloud users.

Mastercard is on board, and much more, and this is just the beginning guys.

Utilising the Mastercard Visa is a gamechanger for sure. It allows us to convert our Cloud Tokens to the fiat currency of the country we are in, at the swipe of a card – contactless.

Cloud 2.0 has its assets in HSBC which supports the prepaid Master Card. HSBC Holdings is a British multinational investment bank and financial services holding company. It was the 7th largest bank in the world by 2018, and the largest in Europe, with total assets of US$2.558 trillion (as of December 2018).

Now Imagine if you got in at the beginning of PayPal or WeChat, just imagine that when those companies were an IPO (Initial Public Offering) and what those companies have expanded into – that is what we have here with Cloud 2.0 everyone – we are sitting in the middle of this DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY which is going to change the way people spend crypto and how they bank their money.

The value of Cloud 2.0 is that its instant money and you get paid to learn and yet whether you learn or not you still get money EVERY SINGLE DAY – I’m already living off it.

Watch the first video to get a basic understanding of the Cloud Token concept.

If you are finding this concept interesting and want to learn more about CryptocurrencyBlockchainMobile Payments and AI Trading then watch the next two videos:

Cloud 2.0 (used to be CloudToken) provides incredible cash flow which means you can withdraw on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. Most of us delay withdrawing though because we are holding our earned Cloud Tokens, bought for cents on the dollar, until the price is at $10, $20, or $30 and this is very likely. (Of course, we can never predict the future but you can ‘seize the day’ and take opportunities as they are presented).

(The Cloud Tokens are increasing in value as I edit this post to keep everyone up to date (5th November 2019).

I funded my wallet with bitcoin, activated AI Jarvis and I Am getting cloud tokens daily. Withdrawals into my Coinbase wallet, are very easy and smoothe. All this is done in the time it takes for the blockchain to send the monies.

Many of my peers, along with myself, are receiving $100, $500 through to $45K+ EVERY DAY so clearly a surge of income like that is going to interest even the busiest person and for those of you reading this who are already entrepreneurs and business people, you can use the Cloud Token as a ‘lead magnet,’ as something that will attract others to your business, offering something of real value and at the same time give you more leads for your primary business. (Read more about that HERE)

Still Don’t Own Cryptocurrency?

All you need to buy cryptocurrency is an app and a credit card. One of the easiest ways to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum is through Coinbase. Check out this review to learn more.

When registering for Coinbase be sure to use my referral link which gives you $10 worth of free bitcoin and gives me the same too. Be sure to get your own referral link as well, so that you receive rewards when you recommend it. This is how we help each other by sharing our links willingly, in a collaborative way, rather than being competitive.

Remember we are all in this together and this is how we will change the way we view money and how we use it – moving far away from the old corrupt systems that kept many of us in survival mode.

I have stepped right out of the matrix and the corrupt banking that goes on. They (banks and governments) trade our money on the forex exchanges and make huge huge profits giving us 1-2% PER YEAR if we are lucky and now we are able to use our phones as a personal bank using the Cloud 2.0 app, which generates between 6-12% profit, per month, for us all.

So now that we know all of this we have A CHOICE to make – to stay in the corrupt system where nearly all of us get next to nothing or we shift the power that we have, expressed through what we do with our money, where we invest it, spend it and save it.

The choice is ours All these years, decades and even centuries, the banks have been taking way too much away from us all – there is enough, more than enough for everyone to thrive.

As always though when evaluating an opportunity, especially one embracing new technology, it is important to remember to research thoroughly and look to experts in the field that you are considering, and one of the main reasons I even considered looking at Cloud Token was because John Kinnear, the Chief Marketing Officer of Unifii and of many other companies, was involved with the marketing of it and a member himself.

I came to know John because I joined Unifii in June of 2018 and John was regularly on the Unifii weekly corporate calls, and my gut feeling told me that he would not be involved with Cloud Token if it was ‘questionable’ in any way, he has checked out every aspect of it and found it completely legitimate and that it is classed as a utility and not a security. Check out his interview with Ronald Aai, one of the founders of the Cloud Token.

Ronald Aai was at one point the biggest retailer in China designing and selling his own phones at over a MILLION phones per month. With this and his software genius skills and during the process of mining bitcoin on phones, CLOUD was born. His is a brilliant life story that has changed the lives of thousands upon thousands of people already.

I made the decision to invest at the end of June 2019 when the price was at $0.46 cents per token (it’s currently at 0.5104 cents 5th Nov 2019) and I had my answers to the following questions:

1. Will Cloud Token still be here in a years time?
Answer: I don’t know, no-one does not even those who built it. The opportunity is here NOW and between now and the end of 2020 is a great time to take advantage of these opportunities.

2. Is Cloud Token a ponzi scheme? – the answer is this: Cloud Token pays you out in THEIR token, this means if you are trading and there is a massive correction on those trades and they don’t make money that day it means the price of the token doesn’t go up. The price of the token is up more than 75% since launch so it’s doing pretty well SO FAR! **5th October 2019 it’s at 0.505 cents.**

I will add that I don’t think Mastercard would back a ponzi scheme do you, and nor would Apple or Google allow Cloud 2.0 to have its own app bearing their name either – in case you aren’t aware it’s extremely difficult to get an app approved by either Apple or Google and especially so if Crypto is involved.

Watch this video to see exactly how the trading pools work:

3. Are they needing new people’s money to pay out other people? – the answer is no, they have money in their vault and money that is being traded of course, but they are paying out in their token not other people’s money. This is why programs get in trouble with the SEC because they are allowing you to BUY their token, but you cannot BUY a Clout Token, you can only EARN A CLOUD TOKEN – see the difference?

Again watch the video above this paragraph to see how that actually works.

Listen to how Ronald Aai explains the difference between the Cloud Token an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) and STO (Security Token Offering) and then at 3.33 mins how, whoever has the largest asset, is able to manipulate the market and he wants to change that. So much good information in this video it’s a must-watch.

Ronald Aai shared the story of how he was developing the Jarvis AI engine, he wrote it. In the beginning the project was losing money. There were initially 15 Chinese leaders and some of them wanted to go the ICO route but Ronald said no, and some others said no, so these people left the original project and gave $3,000,000 for Ronald to test the engine he was building. He lost $1.3 million of that which forced him to get back to the drawing board and on March 24th 2019 they made $3,000,000 in one day from trading!

Two weeks after they had completed improving the software (AI Jarvis) they went from a few million dollars to $50 million dollars AUM (Assets under management). Needless to say they keep improving Jarvis AI.

Complete Transparency of the Trades and Exchanges Used…

To date (November 2019) there are 4 accounts at the VIP 8 status on Binance and 1 account at the status of VIP 7.

25% of the monies are traded on Binance.

Initially, it was thought that Cloud Token would remain simply as a crypto wallet but Ronald Aai realised the thinking behind it all was too small and wanted to make Cloud Token a complete eco-system. So now a complete re-branding has taken place and Cloud 2.0 has arrived (4th October 2019).

Ready to Take the Next Step?

1. Install the Cloud Token app on your smartphone.

Andriod or IOS:

2. Go through the registration process using code 9013003816 and save your passwords and mnemonic words. Click for the tutorial HERE

3. Send cryptocurrency to your Cloud Token wallet. Click for the tutorial HERE.

4. Active your AI trading bot. Click for the tutorial HERE

It takes about 48 hours for your account to be operating after you have activated AI Jarvis. You will then receive daily CTO rewards that you can convert to Ethereum and send to your external wallet at any time.

How to set up 2FA

To enable the withdrawal function within the CloudToken app users have to activate the 2FA Google Authenticator feature.

This is done to secure investor’s funds and prevent third-party misuse.

To activate your 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) follow the instructions on the video below:

Congratulations! You now have a digital bank in your pocket!

Cloud Token Wallet (CTW) is an app that will actually pay users to hold cryptocurrency in their wallet and they have the technology to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from multiple exchanges (38) to easily generate the funds you earn. You can even now log onto (the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world) and for example, another cryptocurrency exchange like and see a significant price difference of between $70-$100 for Bitcoin at any of time of the day.

That is how Cloud Token can generate the funds to pay these returns by purchasing Bitcoin at a low price on one exchange and immediately selling it at a higher price on a different exchange – this is commonly known as ‘arbitrage’.

It’s not what is normally understood as regular ARBITRAGE Trading as that is really quite limited. Cloud Token use “QUANTITATIVE TRADING”.

The Strategy is VAROOM, which adopts “Crypto Pair Arbitrage”. This means we take 1 Crypto coin and exchange it with other Crypto pairs to gain in Crypto volume. Remember that on an exchange everything is connected BTC/ETH/BCH/USDT/ all Altcoins. It’s complex and fun and this is the reason behind the huge TRADING VOLUMES.

You can check the Trade Volume on Binance screenshots that Ronald Aai has posted or just simply come to our EVENTS to see it LIVE.

*NOTE – Quantitative Trading or Technical Analysis trading is the same thing it’s just that Cloud Token use the term Technical Analysis trading and Quantitative Trading is the term that most people understand that as.

The Cloud 2.0 live event in Singapore was mind-blowing, everyone was already sold, but now everyone is even more aware of Cloud 2.0 and Ronald Aai’s intention, which is not to make the rich richer, but to give everyone the same opportunity to acquire wealth.

A man after my own heart for sure!
As I mentioned to a fb friend just now – “I want ease and comfort for you, it’s been a long road”.

I want that for everyone, ease and comfort, for all of us who have had so much struggle in our lives. I want everyone to thrive at all levels of your/our Being – I want you connected to your Spirit, the Creative Force, so that every action we/you take is Inspired Action, I want us all to THRIVE because that’s what Source wants for us too, that’s what was always intended until the human mind took over and thought it knew better.

Financial Freedom – The day you can travel anywhere in the world, walk into any store and not look at the price, do not know what day it is, don’t have any obligations tomorrow morning – Priceless!

Who wouldn’t want that? To live with Ease and Grace as a Divine HUman.

For sure money doesn’t make us happy but it relieves A LOT OF STRESS and makes room for what we are passionate about, makes room for what we want to create here on Earth.

Compensation Plan (for those who choose to team build and share the opportunity).

All commissions are being paid based on the earnings of your partners. This type of commission is often called matching bonus.

With every new active direct partner, a new level in your structure will be unlocked.

If you recruit a certain number of direct partners coupled with a certain team volume, you will move up your rank and receive matching bonuses from infinite levels.

You start with rank C0

Each direct sign up you get opens up an additional level:
Level 1 …. 100%
Level 2 …. 50% 
Level 3 …. 5%
Level 4 …. 5%.
Level 5 …. 5%.
Level 6 …. 5%.
Level 7 …. 5%.
Level 8 …. 5%.
Level 9…. 5%.
Level 10 … 5% 

When you hit 16 active direct partners, you open up 21 levels at 5%.

When you reach $200.000 team volume another 5% will be added on top of the 5% and you rank to C1

C2 > Get 3 C1s on 3 separate legs to get additional 5% to infinity till you are cut by another C2 
C3 > Get 3 C2s on 3 separate legs to get additional 5% to infinity till you are cut by another C3

C4 > Get 3 C3s on 3 separate legs to get additional 5% to infinity till you are cut by another C4 
C5 > Get 3 C4s on 3 separate legs to get additional 5% revenue share


To maximize your earnings you need to recruit 16 direct partners.
Then help 3 leaders in 3 separate legs go up the ranks.
It will push you up in ranks and get you an extra 5% for each rank.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you to this state of the art crypto digital wallet, all you have to do is download the app to your phone, fund it and watch your financial portfolio grow while you sleep. NO SIGNUP FEES OR SUBSCRIPTION FEES.

Join my facebook group to learn more and stay connected:

To your financial success and your dreams coming true!

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