If you want to make good money online you simply must follow the Online Marketing Success Strategy and have a tracking system in place, because by tracking your leads you can collect the data that enables you to predict the value of each of your leads and see how well they are converting.

(see my previous article on that HERE)

And that’s exactly what ClickMagick does for you. I’ve used ClickMagick several times and the information you get back is extremely valuable in assessing your data and what you can do to improve your lead value.

**NOTE** You can only track your sales if you are selling your OWN products, programs, and services. If you are exclusively an affiliate marketer you won’t need ClickMagick. This is because affiliate sales funnel pages aren’t in your control, which in turn means you can’t use tracking pixels on affiliate pages that you are promoting on someone else’s behalf, because you don’t OWN the funnel pages.

(Also note that if you are exclusively selling affiliate products you will only be able to track lead conversions, which is, as we know, vitally important to making great money in affiliate marketing.** (See my article ‘Calling All Affiliate Marketers).)

ClickMagick is a tool which helps you track how effective your marketing campaign is working. A tracking pixel is placed on your landing page, which is able to tell you how well a particular lead capture page is working in comparison to others you may be testing.

This also allows you to know where your leads are coming from – because you get a breakdown of the countries, the IP address and how many clicks your lead capture page received.

So for example if you are doing a lot of your marketing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc and you get all the data of how your campaigns and advertising have done from the detailed report that ClickMagick sends to you, you will know where to put most of your energy.

Get a free trial now of ClickMagick and take a quick look at what they offer.

You Don’t Need ClickMagick if You’re Using Kartra

You only need ClickMagick if you’re using a blog, like this one to house your marketing funnel system. If you’re using Kartra to support your marketing funnel needs, it will have all the tracking tools you need. That’s why they call Kartra the all-in-one solution.

We can set you up with your own, branded, complete marketing system – learn more

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