It’s been said that we only come into contact with one or two GREAT Opportunities in our Lifetime and I’m pretty sure the HempWorx business opportunity is one of my two – I speak about the other GREAT Opportunity HERE so come back to it after you have finished with this particular blog 😉

Then take this advice from Richard Branson 😉

Let’s get straight to the hub of everything shall we – yes HempWorx is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company and you have the opportunity to become an Affiliate with the fastest growing MLM company in the marketplace today. With HempWorx we are building a business, as affiliates, recommending products that are shipped by the company to the end user and receiving commissions from people who have bought the products through us.

We are also team building and taking advantage of the great compensation plan created by My Daily Choice. What better way to do this than with a Legacy Company that My Daily Choice / HempWorx is in the process of becoming.

(Think of My Daily Choice as the parent company, the umbrella if you like, that includes HempWorx, the CBD side of the parent company).

Take a look at their stats since 2015:

2015: $1M

2016: $5M

2017: $7M

2018: $100M

2019: $170M

2020: $350M (Projected)

2021: $500M (Projected)

Through and up until 2019… these numbers are officially from the company.

2020 & 2021 are what Josh Zwagil (the CEO & Co-Founder) is projecting, as of the convention in October 2019.

We are still & have been the leader in the CBD space, which is projected to be in the multiple $Billions over the coming few years, and that’s not even mentioning the multi-billion dollar travel market, essential oils, and all of the other products the company will launch over the coming decades.

I firmly believe some of the greatest regrets that an entrepreneur will have, is not joining MDC & taking advantage of this wealth transfer to create a phenonmenal home based business in a few short years, and especially when you join our team – that statement is so important I am repeating it …. I firmly believe some of the greatest regrets that an MDC/HempWorx affiliate will have, is not building a business that lasts and taking full advantage of this wealth transfer.

We are in what looks & feels like a Legacy Company. (i.e. – household name over the coming decades) -this isn’t just about CBD Oil though… as is very clear since one of the fastest growing teams in the entire company is in CANADA, which doesn’t have the CBD products as yet – just the nutritional sprays which are on fire I have to say and as an aside I take them all except the Trim 365 nutrional spray, which is for weight loss.

This is an opportunity I have seized, as you can tell, for myself, my loved ones, and my Team, and to create an even bigger ripple impact throughout HUMANITY. One of my passions is to bring the Truth of our world and how it operates, to humanity, the truth about the corruption of our banking system and yes, Big Pharma, which is hell-bent on slowly killing us all – but more of that later…For now I hope you choose to step up, and lock arms with our Team because, as amazing as it’s been so far, this Team of mine, partnered alongside my mentor and upline, is just getting started.

The Best Is Yet To Come as they say – Yee Ha!!

But as with all companies everything comes down to the product being offered and how it stands out in the market place providing solutions for the challenges that people have and, in our case with HempWorx, the purity of the product where we can get our hands on the science behind it all and the production methods used. All of the answers to these questions can be found on my previous blog about HempWorx and the products HERE.

Why Join My Team..

It’s usually the Lack of Training and Support that turns people off joining large companies and hinders the success of people with homebased business opportunities!


My mentor and upline is a global name when it comes to marketing strategies and building huge teams and that’s why when he invited me to be in his ‘Top 100’ team with HempWorx I jumped at the chance.

In his first week he smashed all leaderboard records making a handsome profit for himself of over $50,000 in jumpstart bonuses and bringing his team along with him and at the time of writing this blog (13th Febuary 2020) he is still at the top of the Leaderboard and to be quite honest I don’t expect him to be anywhere else other than at the top with his team of hundreds following close behind.

We have a strong commitment to everyone who enrolls with us and we expect a strong commitment back – this is for business builders who are very serious and want that residual income to become a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

We also have a very organised system in place to help people and there are 3 different levels of support that you will get from Mike, myself and the team:

Level 1 – Team.Worx: You need to be a Director or above, which means you have purchased one of the Director packs from HempWorx at $199 and have an autoship order of a minimum of 40 BV ($69) per month. The business building is mostly done with your warm market, both online and offline with people you know. We will show you free online marketing strategies and you will get momentum in your first leg as everything I do will spill over to you. Keep in mind the less you commit to this business the less your rewards. It is a commitment, on your part, to follow through, get plugged in, stay plugged in and follow the procedures we teach you.

Level 2 – Team.Builder.Worx: You need to be an Executive, which means you have purchased one of the Executive Packs ($599) or if outside of the USA 2 x Director Packs and have a monthly autoship of 90/100BV ($199).You get all the resources of the first group, you also have support in using our processes for creating momentum in your legs, including marketing rotators that we set up on your behalf and financial support in that we will pay for the marketing adverts and divide amongst the group members the pre-enrollees as though you had recruited them, meaning you get the jumpstart bonus and commissions going forward.

It’s serious business and we are putting a lot into it and therefore expect a certain level of commitment back whereby you follow through and stay plugged in.

Level 3 – Team.Power.Worx (Top 100): The highest level of commitment for those who want all that the other 2 groups have plus the same professional marketing system that we use. It’s the same system that everyone who wins online uses and we are producing record breaking results with our team in HempWorx already, by using it.

The requirements are the same for Level 2 but you also have to be in Profit Platform or the Ambassadors Programme, which is the specific marketing system that we use.

This Top 100 team is now closed, but there will be a new Level 3 group coming that you will be able to benefit from when it’s announced, if you want to upgrade.

Because I Am in this Top 100 group everything that I do will spill over onto my team, including marketing rotators. I’m the top qualifier in this group and have 3 shares in one of the marketing rotators which is a system where we advertise on your behalf and it rotates through your lead capture pages (website URL) and you get credit for those leads and enrollees.

This will help me build my right leg which most of you will be in, so I’ll be helping that leg drive down and all of the spillover will help you build both of your legs, based on the marketing rotator. So because you are under me you will benefit from it, A LOT!

We teach each group and give each group email copy, email sequences, we split-test the copy text for our adverts to see which comes out on top and you can use all of my email text, fb posts etc – all I ask is that you are authentic and don’t say anything that is not true.

We teach you how to dominate Youtube, how to set up your channel, basic SEO , all types of social media posts, give you swipes of emails, different types of funnels, non paid marketing strategies and some personal development/mindset training.

Our intention is to leave no one behind so that you get the most out of this opportunity.

In our first month alone we had 58,000 in volume – down to 889 levels on the left leg – it’s way way higher now, become a pre-enrollee, by clicking HERE and see for yourself.

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