Kartra Affiliates are on the Rise and is it no wonder, when you realise that Kartra is the ‘New Kid On The Block’ far outdoing Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft and Kajabi, that we are on our way to building a Kartra Affiliate Army.

As you may have discovered Kartra is a pretty unique and powerful marketing system and for those of you who are brand new to Kartra it’s an all in one Business Platform to create, market and launch any business online without hiring a team of copywriters, web developers, designers or system integrators. It’s home to a software suite that takes your business from Idea to Automated Profit ….read on….

It was decided that everyone who joins us would benefit in a very big way if we focused on how to help one another to create funnels that we can all use to generate Kartra affiliate commissions, and also to generate additional commissions from the different products that we will be adding to the funnel.

The Focus In This Project/Collaboration:

One of the big areas of our focus going forward on this will be creating funnels that our team and customers can use to generate Kartra commissions, and to generate commissions from products we add to the same funnels that people who are introduced to Kartra, may be interested in. This will allow everyone who joins to advertise such funnels if they want to and earn back more commissions to be able to afford even more marketing and have enough Cash-Flow coming in to pay those pesky business costs, like advertising, that we all have.

That’s how I will personally be using such funnels to build a very large affiliate network with Kartra. We may also create a funnel that only helps someone generate Kartra commissions that doesn’t have our other products promoted in it, so people who prefer using that can.

Once you have registered as a Karta JV Affiliate with our team, you will be invited into our private fb training group as a bonus – in this group you will be guided by Mike Klingler who is the driving force behind the Kartra Affiliate Army. You can register for free HERE right now!

We are encouraging those who know how to make funnels to consider also creating funnels to share in the marketplace inside of Kartra. We discussed these kinds of things in the Kartra Affiliate Army collaboration call, and will continue to have more calls in the future to support you in this aim.

Where the Collaboration Continues

Going forward we will continue our discussions and collaborations in our own private fb group but please be aware that you need to be a Kartra JV partner before requesting to be added to that group.

Go HERE to learn more about becoming a Kartra JV Partner.

Go HERE to learn about the product.

New to Affiliate Marketing and Lost?

If you’re new to all of this but are interested in perhaps learning how to build a funnel like we talked about in the zoom call in the video below, or just using one to build up your own email list and affiliate Kartra commissions, just follow along and stay tuned!

We’ll keep supporting this process as we go. Also, be sure to pay attention to the first part of the zoom call below to really understand how generating affiliate commissions with Kartra works and can really benefit your business even if it’s in a completely different niche outside of affiliate or business/marketing.

We have an Update – 10th November 2019!

Check out the latest free class, in the video below, from Mike Klingler – now that we have launched our Predictable-Systems Ambassadors Program it’s time to continue the ‘Build a Kartra Affiliate Army’ conversation as we add more and more to our systems.

If you have been following our story you will know that we moved out of click funnels and kajabi months ago now into Kartra because they have so much more to offer and the video below is another free class along with all the latest updates for you – 9th November 2019 – check it out:

partnered with Mike Klingler and Robyn Linn

p.s. A special thank you goes out to Jennifer Daniel, Affiliate Manager for Kartra. We are beyond impressed with her willingness to be available to assist all of us in developing out and strengthening the Kartra affiliate program. Very exciting to be working with this organization.

Join Kartra as a JV Partner HERE

Start a one month free trial for Kartra HERE.

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