Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) I hear you shout out – what is that for goodness sake… well…… Imagine being able to automate the follow up your leads and prospects get based on what they clicked on, didn’t click on, watched or didn’t watch… and have them drop into certain email sequences or be taken out of others, or be shown a certain video or offer, all happening behind the scenes for you, while it’s building a relationship you have with them so you’re growing your sphere of influence while generating cash flow at the same time. That then is Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) in a nutshell.

And that’s exactly what my partners and I are doing, and you can use the same system too. It’s powerful. In fact, it’s the most powerful way to reach your goals no matter what you’re doing or promoting.

So we have been working on BAM today (Behavioral Adaptive Marketing) – the part of a funnel that automates the process of being able to provide personalized messaging and different offers unique to each individual and based on what they watched or didn’t watch, or clicked on, or what page they landed on within the funnel.

Using Kartra to build our funnel/s made, and makes, this process so so easy, BAM is NOT an upgrade, or a Plug-In, or a Premium Priced Feature that is only available with the most expensive versions of Kartra.

No, because in fact, BAM is actually included in the Kartra special offer of trying it out for just $1.00.

So, that means you can use every Kartra Feature, Including BAM, and get full access to Kartra for just a Dollar – test it out by clicking HERE

A snapshot of our Behavioral Adaptive Marketing Funnel


Fully-featured product carts to lead the visitor directly into the payment process with simplicity.

Complete affiliate management, analytics tracking to reward affiliates with commissions based on a) the price-point of the product or b) the individual.

Email marketing automation. BAM (behavioral adaptive marketing) allows for an intimate personalized experience based on what the user clicks on and ‘wants.’

Page tracking, tagging and sequence initiation to match behaviors/clicks/page visits ‘with’ specific next steps, order forms, email campaigns.

Customized opt-in forms builder. Not only build a leads-list, but customize it so you know exactly who they are and what they want to receive from you.

Full help desk with live chat. Supports visitor during pre-qualification process as well as during the sales process, and throughout them digesting the products on pages or in membership areas.

Rich membership sites with multiple pricing tiers.

Video hosting with pre- and post-CTAs.

Beautifully designed, high-converting marketing pages, landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, order pages.

Social media integration to encourage engagement from the “page” to share on Facebook for greater exposure.

Countdown timers within email and pages to trigger steps and optimize action.

Customized Pop Up forms with buttons, images, or exits to increase conversions.

Highly responsive design layouts. Multitude of options for font styles, color, spacing, layout.

Save-feature for “sections” to clone designs and easily duplicate sections or pages or campaigns.

Pre-Built for you campaigns and pages that are easily editable for tweaking and fast launches.

Floating bubble messages to greet visitors or initiate action steps.

Easily create custom designed HTML pages to use on your Blog or website by simply copying the code.

Membership site with engaging experience (moving visitor into clear steps). Monitor the rate at which your users access your content with “analytics progress tracking.”

Product pages with multiple price-points, and affiliate percentage or flat-rate payouts… with upsells, downsells, bump offers.

Tracking with tags: See exactly WHICH visitors land on a specific page, and click on a specific button to offer the best experience for them based on what they want.


Does Customized Content, or what we’re calling Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) does it make a difference?

We’re not going to ask you to take our word (even though we’re using this technology ourselves). Instead, let’s dig into the market research data and get a true, unbiased view.

Here’s What The Experts Tell Us:

According to the research firm MarketingSherpa:

  • 82% of prospects say content targeted to their specific industry is more valuable
  • 67% say content targeted to their job function is more valuable
  • 49% say the same for content targeted to their company size
  • 29% prefer content targeted to their geography

But, that’s not all. 

If we dig a little deeper, we can see just how important personalization is in all aspects of your marketing.

Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. (Source: Aberdeen).

That’s HUGE. Just consider those numbers for a moment. If you send out 1000 emails, that’s 140 extra sets of eyeballs viewing your content.

And, in a study of more than 93,000 calls-to-action and hundreds of millions of views over a 12-month period, HubSpot found that calls-to-action that were targeted to the user, had a 42% higher view-to-submission rate than calls-to-action that were the same for all visitors. (Source: HubSpot).


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